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Read what clients have said about their experience of working with Simon.

“I was fortunate enough to have heard Simon speak at Chelsea FC and actually interview him for my show – both an amazing experience and I must say the way that Simon teaches and just how he is able to make the complex seem simple is something that I have not seen done in this area of expertise. Not only is he a leader but he is an inspirational leader who is actually in it for us to grow.

Trust me when I say investing in him is something you will not regret and you can quote me on that!”

Tray-Séan Ben Salmi, Co-Founder at SARVA Education

“With Simon’s incredible encouragement and support, I’ve been able to focus on my most important goal. I’ve started writing the first in a series of novels and have started my own self publishing business. In 84 days of steady writing, I reached 100,000 words and am now in the process of my second draft, as well as putting the business into place.

I learned how essential it is to have an accountability partner who is there to help me take steady action with little steps, establish a daily routine and to really believe in myself. When I go off track or lose momentum, Simon is there to guide me back onto the right path again. He does it gently, but it’s also hard work! He requires 100% commitment and there are always action points to implement before the next fortnightly session. I’m so proud of my achievements but I know I wouldn’t have got this far without Simon. Thank you!

Helen Yuet Ling Pang, Founder at WeMakeCreative

“Simon is a fantastic speaker and presenter. He really knows how to capture and keep hold of his audiences’ attention. He has powerful insights and stories that we can all relate to and should implement in our lives. Truly inspirational!”

Danielle Stigwood, Business Sales Specialist at Flagship Microsoft Store

“Having met Simon when he came to speak at our festival, EntFest, I knew that he could deliver incredible live content. However, his ability to captivate an audience when presenting in a webinar format is second-to-none.

Simon led a session called ‘Unleashing Your Energy’ on the Peter Jones Foundation’s Igniting Enterprise webinar and brought his dynamism and unique insights to an audience emerging and established entrepreneurs. Simon oozes motivation and his generosity in really listening to and answering questions from the audience meant that everyone benefited hugely from the session and left feeling ready to pursue their purpose with renewed energy! I couldn’t recommend Simon more highly for a live or digital event.”

Katie Parshall, Marketing & Communications Manager at Peter Jones Foundation

“I recently had the pleasure of spending some quality time with Simon – and would highly recommend this possibility to others. Simon is a strategist, an innovator, a smart business developer, a communicator, an excellent speaker and an original. His wisdom, drive and humanity are inspirational – as are his focus and energy. Anyone who takes the opportunity to spend time with Simon – or simply follow him on his social channels – will have much to learn and benefit from, which can only reap significant rewards.”

Bernie Ritchie, Executive Coach

“Simon recently spoke at my event for 200 young, aspiring entrepreneurs on developing the entrepreneurial mindset required to grow a thriving business. From the moment Simon stepped on the stage, he had the audience hooked! He’s a very engaging and motivating speaker who knows how to challenge the audience to see things from a new perspective. The audience loved it – he had a queue of audience members wanting to chat with him after his talk finished, which speaks for itself!”

Danielle Murphy, Campaign Lead of Next Generation Festival at Enterprise Nation

“Hearing Simon speak, it’s impossible not to come away feeling challenged and changed, in a good way. I had the opportunity to work with Simon across an SMB event series, where he engaged the room in every venue, setting the scene for a highly interactive evening full of valuable takeaways. Simon’s ability to deliver wisdom in clear and simple ways is energising and inspirational. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again in any situation where the goal is to inspire people and set them up for the next level of success.”

Kayleigh Kahlefeldt, Content Marketing Director (EMEA) at DocuSign

“Having Simon as my mentor has enabled me to see things from a different perspective. After every session, I’m always inspired and walk away with clear actions and valuable insights. Simon is also a super-connector. He has connected me with a lot of like-minded people and introduced me to various professional communities. With Simon’s effective coaching and motivation, I’ve gained a lot on my journey of personal development.”

Trang Tran, Associate Director (EMEA) at PHD Global Business

“Simon is a tremendous coach and I’ve loved working with him for over a year and plan to continue. Simon has helped me to grow as a person and become more ambitious and helped me with numerous life and business issues that has helped to put my mind at ease and encouraged me to reach for more. As a result, my personal relationships and business have been much improved.

All in all, this has helped me on my ongoing personal and business journey. And although sometimes hard work, the process has been totally rewarding and is producing delightful results!”

Jimmy Desai, Commercial Lawyer at Keystone Law

“It was a true pleasure to invite Simon to come and speak about Purposeful Leadership at Salesforce in London. He was recommended to me by an entrepreneur friend and I fully recommend him as a speaker, advisor and storyteller.

His talk at Salesforce has honestly generated incredibly positive and encouraging feedback among employees and attendees, many of which were left wanting more. The breadth and depth of stories that Simon has to illustrate his many nuggets of knowledge are a pleasure to listen to, remember, and apply in daily life.

Simon, congratulations on an amazing talk and, on behalf of us here at Salesforce London, thank you for enlightening us!”

Cyrus Hessabi, Associate (Pre-Sales Solution Engineering) at Salesforce

“Simon is a tremendous coach with a holistic and global view. He pushes you to reach your full potential – step by step – making you feel confident at every stage of your development. Through good ideas and a global network, I have been inspired and have learnt great tools for my business. I got Simon’s help when taking my pearl business to the next level and not only has the business come much better alive and found a better direction, but I’ve also started thriving much more on a personal level and am seeing just how much I’m actually capable of doing.

Simon is insightful, clever and unique in the sense that he looks through people to find the right path for each individual personally and career wise. I can warmly recommend Simon and have just done so myself to one of my American friends today, to help take her and her business to the next level.”

Annette Spanggaard, Founder & CEO of Pearl Stories

“Simon is a brilliant motivational speaker, he really gets the audience thinking outside of the box and they always leave his talks feeling motivated and energised. We would highly recommend getting Simon along to an event of any size, he’s great with both small focused audiences and large audiences too.”

Emma Greenfield, Head of Events at Enterprise Nation

“I began working with Simon 3 months ago and have already gained so much from our journey so far. Having Simon as my mentor has enabled me to see my business from a different perspective and take it to the next level. I walk away from each session with clear goals for my business as well as insights on how to have a more productive and effective mindset. I would definitely recommend working with Simon!”

Aliya Rajah, Confidence Coach & Public Speaker

Dominic Knight

“I’ve had the privilege of attending Simon’s workshops during one of the UK’s most exclusive Entrepreneurial Retreats, and his expertise as a coach is second to none. He has also helped me mastermind strategies to create even greater profits in several of my businesses. Pure Genius!”

Dominic Knight, Best Selling Author & Hypnotherapist at Dominic Knight's Harley Street Clinic,

“I first engaged with Simon to be my coach in early 2017 as I wanted to revamp and prioritise certain life goals – personal, relationship, business and career – in becoming a greater women. Interestingly, the diving creator then tested me big time, throwing curve balls into my journey one after the other. There was even a time when I doubted myself in overcoming all these challenges. However, Simon has been there for me throughout.

His understanding, sensitive and positive yet assertive approach provides me with the space to see things from different perspectives. I have developed into a stronger, more confident woman and have been able to explore my personal and business lives in much more interesting ways with Simon’s thoughtful sharing, reflective conversations and his insightful business strategy experience. Thank you Simon!

I also introduced a very good friend of mine to Simon recently and was happy to learn that she too, now benefits a lot from his coaching. Simon comes highly recommended to any beautiful soul out there who is looking to elevate their life through the power of coaching.”

Alice Au, High Net Worth Client Relationship Manager

“A mutual friend was kind enough to make a virtual introduction in 2017. I am so grateful she did. Simon was a guest on my Year of the Peer podcast and we have continued to stay connected ever since, sharing our respective thoughts about executive coaching, mastermind groups, and the value and importance of the people with whom we surround ourselves with. No one understands these areas better than Simon.

His passion, intellect and wisdom are grounded in the work of Napoleon Hill, specifically the book ‘Think & Grow Rich’. Simon’s grasp of the true, complete meaning of the words grow(th) and rich are at the core of his practice. He was a major contributor to my most recent book ‘What Anyone Can Do’ and I am proud to have him as an important member of my circle. You’d be wise to include him in yours as well!”

Leo Bottary, Author of 'What Anyone Can Do' and 'The Power Of Peers'

Jess Yau

“Simon is a perceptive and approachable coach who has helped me immensely where I most required it. My self-belief has come a long way and Simon’s pragmatic approach has equipped me with effective tools for pushing through limiting thoughts and for putting plans into action. I now have a more strategic vision for my business but just as importantly, increased confidence to pursue it.”

Jess Yau, Photographer at

“Each January for the last 3 years, Simon has delivered a signature training workshop around the theme of goal setting for JCI London. And each time, he has been instrumental in helping the Chamber start the year with a solid foundation in place by inspiring the leadership team and the members, through providing the tools, insights and wisdom needed to achieve their ambitious goals. He delivered each of his sessions with high value content and in a very engaging manner. I strongly recommend his services for any organisation that wants to inspire their people to achieve phenomenal results.”

Rafael Tselikas, 2016 President at Junior Chamber International (JCI) London

“We have had the privilege of Simon deliver an inspiring keynote in front of teenagers during our accelerator programme last summer and again during our AI in mental health hackathon. Both times, Simon was rated as ‘the best’ out of all the speakers by the audience, which comes as no surprise. Simon’s storytelling and his ability to inspire and motivate young budding entrepreneurs is absolutely exceptional and I very much hope to have Simon back again.”

Elena Sinel, Founder & CEO at Acorn Aspirations

“It’s always great to invite back LSE alumni to talk to current students and Simon was no exception. He spoke enthusiastically and encouragingly on the topic of leadership, generating a really positive energy in the room and lots of discussion.”

Maddie Smith, Careers Consultant at the London School Of Economics

“I can’t thank you enough for the learning, insights and actions I have taken away from your mastermind sessions. I probably would’ve never spent that much focused time on my brand consultancy business, self-development and reading so many amazing books  without all that guidance and accountability!!

But most of all, thanks to your contacts and relationships I would’ve never had the opportunity to be in such an intimate environment with all the brilliant speakers you arranged and hear all their inspiring stories, which certainly, in turn, inspired us to believe so many things are totally possible!! Great to learn from you too. Keep motivating and inspiring!! Thank you Simon.”

Aarti Parmar, Brand Consultant at AP Brand Communications