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“Hearing Simon speak it’s impossible not to come away feeling challenged and changed, in a good way! I had the opportunity to work with Simon across an SMB event series, where he engaged the room in every venue, setting the scene for a highly interactive evening full of valuable takeaways. Simon’s ability to deliver wisdom in clear and simple ways is energising and inspirational. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again in any situation where the goal is to inspire people and set them up for the next level of success.”

– DocuSign

When I’m not coaching, advising businesses and running Mastermind Groups for early stage entrepreneurs, I’m most likely to be found speaking on stage.

My focus at each event I am invited to speak at is to educate, entertain and inspire as I believe the fastest way to absorb powerful insights and to see just what is truly possible is through experiential learning.

I’ve had the privilege to speak at events and conferences across the world with organisations that include the likes of: Virgin, Barclays UK, Google Campus, The Institute of Directors, Salesforce, DocuSign, Enterprise Nation and The London School of Economics.

My talks are centred around the areas of purposeful leadership, entrepreneurship and success. And while the focus of my talks are driven by what would be most beneficial for your audience, the following are some example titles from talks that I have delivered in the last 12 months:

  • The Importance Of Purposeful Leadership.
  • Entrepreneurship & Marketing In Today’s Digital Economy.
  • How Energy Management Drives Our Productivity.
  • The Mindset That Results In Exponential Levels Of Success.
  • How Successful Businesses Think Differently.
  • How To Thrive In An Increasingly Noisy World.
  • Why Happy Employees Matter.

“Simon was rated as ‘the best’ out of all the speakers by the audience, which comes as no surprise. Simon’s storytelling and his ability to inspire and motivate young budding entrepreneurs is absolutely exceptional and I very much hope to have Simon back again.”

– Acorn Aspirations

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