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Why You’ve Already Won The Lottery

Over the weekend, I saw a TEDx Talk by Mel Robbins that LITERALLY left me in awe.

In it, she shared the results of studies conducted by scientists on the probability of us being born.

Taking into account all the odds of your parents meeting, your ancestors meeting, and many other factors such as wars…


… the fact that you were one sperm (out of >4 trillion by your Dad during the years you could’ve been born) that met one egg (out of >100,000 produced by your Mum in a lifetime), they put the odds of you being born at more than…

400 TRILLION to 1!!!

Let that sink in for a minute.

Think about all the things that had to happen over the course of history for you to be breathing and reading this right now.

Many dream of winning the lottery…


What very few realise is that we’ve actually already won the biggest lottery there is.

YOU are a miracle.

YOU are special.

And YOU have beaten the odds at being given the opportunity and experience that we call ‘life’.

Question is…

What will you do with your winning ticket?

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