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✅ IMMEDIATE ACCESS to the Extraordinary Coaching private Facebook community where you can ask questions, connect with other members and share your progress. Simon will also be following the conversations and sharing his thoughts, insights and ideas.

Hear from Simon LIVE every week. These will include Simon hosting Q&A sessions, as well as training and coaching where he will share his personal lessons with you. These will be recorded and available for you to watch in your own time to ensure you don't miss out on anything.

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BONUS #1: LIVE INTERVIEWS and Q&A with industry experts, bestselling authors and award-winning entrepreneurs. You will also get access to full recordings of interviews that Simon conducts. 

BONUS #2: POWERFUL guided visualisation activities. Simon will be conducting these live within the private Facebook community to share with you a habit he does on a regular basis.

BONUS #3: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED books to help you level up in life. Simon will be recommending MUST READ books for you to read and will encourage you to share your key takeaways with the community. You will also get access to the summaries he puts together for each.

BONUS #4: Simon will be sharing with you ALL THE TOOLS that he uses to manage, run and scale his business.

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What Clients Say About Simon...

Jiten Vadukul

"The insights and principles that I gained from the sessions have been invalubale, increasing my productivity and helping me to achieve my goals through a structured process. Simon is simply brilliant at what he does."

Cyrus Hessabi

"The breadth and depth of stories that Simon has to illustrate his many nuggets of knowledge are a pleasure to listen to, remember, and apply in daily life."

Dominic Knight

"His expertise as a coach is second to none. He has also helped me mastermind strategies to create even greater profits in several of my businesses. Pure genius!"

James Bian

"Without Simon, I would not have been able to achieve the success that I did in such a short time and have already recommended him to a few friends of mine, who I know will benefit from what he has to offer."

Harpreet Grewal

"Working with Simon has been the best investment I've made this year. With his insight, motivation, inspiration, speakers and connections, it has been a year of growth and self-development. I can honestly say that I would not have moved forward as much as I have if it wasn't for Simon and the sessions we had."

Aarti Parmar

"I can't thank you enough for the learning, insights and actions I have taken away from your sessions. I probably would've never spent that much focused time on my business, self-development and reading so many amazing books without all that guidance and accountability!!"

About Simon  

Everything that Simon Alexander Ong does is built around inspiring people to see their world differently and igniting their imagination of what is truly possible so that they can lead meaningful, purposeful and extraordinary lives and businesses.

He shares his insights, lessons and wisdom with all who are committed to upgrading their life and business to that next level. He has spoken at international events that have included those organised by Google, O2, Barclays UK, Virgin, Salesforce and Microsoft.

He has also been featured in a wide range of publications that include the likes of The FT, Women's Health, Forbes, HuffPost and Virgin StartUp.  

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